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Chef's Night Off with Les Molnar and Shawn Wright


Chef's Night Off with Les Molnar and Shawn Wright Frame > Chef’s Night Off with Les Molnar and Shawn Wright

frame presents A Chef’s Night Off with Les Molnar of Johnny Noodle King and Green Dot Stables and Shawn Wright of Crispelli’s
What do chefs do when they take a night off? Grab a few friends, and cook a mad-genius meal…of course. BFF Chefs Les Molnar of InLaws Hospitality (Johnny Noodle King and Green Dot Stables) and Chef Shawn Wright of Crispelli’s (the darling of the thin stone fired pizza world) are teaming up late April in the frame kitchen and doing just that. Taking a night for themselves, to cook, play the music both of the chefs love, pair their favorite beer and wine and create a “chefs night off ” dinner party for you and I and 46 of our closest friends. We can’t wait to share in their social supper!


{  first  } Butternut Squash Custard Parm Reggie,Pomegranate, Fried Herbs

{  second  } Cold Octo  Cukes, Greek Salad, Whipped Feta, Lemon Olive Oil

{  third  } Paprikas Pork Belly, Gnocchi, 90-minute egg, Ajvar, Hazelnut Crumb

{ fourth  } Braised Lamb Neck Anson Mill Grits, Kasseri Croquettes, Lamb Jus, Za’atar, Crunchy Hominy

{  dessert  } Apricot Ice Cream Phyllo Nest, Pistachio Brittle

April 26, 2019 5:30pm and 8:30pm $65 per person + tax and service fee Included: 5 courses and a curated playlist that Chef’s Les Molnar and Shawn Wright would make it they took a night off and created a dinner party for 48 of their BFF’s. Additional: Les and Shawn’s hand-picked “dinner party” wine, beer, and frame Cocktails
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