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Join us as we welcome our favorite neighborhood budtenders from New Standard for a high-minded creative Wednesday night. Cannabis education focusing on the buzziest cocktail ingredient trend: CBD mocktail making. Get ready to shake, stir and sip. Taking things one, very chill … step further.

CBD doesn’t contain THC, so you will not get high at this workshop, but CBD still delivers some of the non-trippy effects of weed—a little sedation and relaxation. Learn how to experiment in everything from infusions and tinctures to teas.

You’ll perfect the Rolled Fashioned and the Stoney Negroni, debunk the mystery of why terpene content found in gin makes it a natural partner to CBD and how to account for the taste of CBD when leaning towards spirits with stronger flavors like mezcal, tequila, and bourbon.

After you’ve completed class head down to Hazel Park’s swanky New Standard for a goodie bag chock full of the good stuff to make your feel-good and taste-good CBD cocktails in the comfort of your own home.

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