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BREWHaus: Perfect Coffee Pour-Overs with FRAMEbar's Matt Grushky
Matt Grushky

Head Bartender Matt Grushky Head Bartender FRAMEbar


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Unearth the secrets of the perfect cup of pour-over coffee, as FRAMEbar Head Bartender Matt Grushky shares tips and tricks acquired during his years as a Starbucks “Coffee Master” and an obsessive coffee enthusiast.

Matt will navigate you through coffee basics as well as diverse brew methods, spotlighting the importance of grind setting and water. Experience the science of the pour-over, as Matt showcases the method’s flexibility in delivering a distinct cup every time. After his demonstration, you’ll get hands-on, crafting your personal brew.

The culmination is a tasting session, heightened by a curated food pairing, revealing the rich flavors of your creation. And you won’t leave empty-handed: each participant receives a pour-over kit, complete with a V60 dripper, filters, air kettle, and premium coffee. Under Matt’s guidance, you’ll walk away with both the know-how and tools to refine your brewing prowess.

Workshops run from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
So if you’re looking to make a full evening of it, we recommend dinner and drinks at FRAMEbar, our more casual side, before or after class.