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Chef Erica Pietrzyk Chef Pietrzyk Pierogi


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Give us a reason to throw a dinner party at Frame…
Specifically, one celebrating food and cultural history, and we’re the first one to RSVP!

Next Up: a Traditional Summer Polish Dinner Party hosted by Erica Pietrzyk of Pietrzyk Pierogi
Herring Rolls, Cold Cucumber Soup, Beet Salad, Smoked Kielbasa, Mangalitsa Pork Belly, Pierogi Ruskie, Paczki.

Start practicing your key Polish dinner phrases…and grab your seats.
This is Frame at its finest… where you’ll Feel the Love, And Taste it Too.


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Polish Charcuterie
Zimne Nogi (Pork Jelly)
Rolmopsy (Herring Rolls)
Smoked Kielbasa (Smoked Pork Sausage)
Twarog (Farmer’s Cheese)
Oscypek (Tatra Smoked Mountain Cheese)
Dill Pickles, House Mustard
Horseradish, Blueberry Preserves, Polish Rye Toast

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Chłodnik Ogórkowy Zupa
(Cold Soup)

Dill Cucumber Soup with Onion,
Cream Boiled Egg

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Surowka Z Buraczkow
(Beet Salad)
Beets, Herbed Dressing,
Farmer’s Cheese

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Mangalitsa Pork Belly
Apple, Sauerkraut,
Pierogi Ruskie

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Miniature Paczki with Assorted Preserves
Raspberry, Blueberry, Horseradish Orange Marmalade