Filipino Dinner Party with Sarap Detroit

Chefs Dorothy Hernandez and Jake Williams Chefs Sarap Detroit


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Lumpia Shanghai. Chicken adobo. Lechon kawali. Filipino vibes. Yup, that sounds about right, just in time to celebrate October’s Filipino American History Month.

We’re welcoming Sarap Detroit to take over Frame, as we congregate over the Kamayan table, an interactive Filipino dinner party experience where bountiful food is spread across banana leaves (which serve as our plates) and the feast is eaten sans utensils.

Historical Note: In Tagalong, Kamayan means “by hand” and is how Filipinos ate before colonialism brought the spoon and fork to modern life.

Grab your pod, as this experience is built-in for tables of 4…

Continuing to create a Frame culture that cultivates community and an ever-changing line-up of talent, this bohemian Filipino dinner party is for each other, for friends, for family, and for food.

We’re completely craving a taste of this menu in the pursuit of tradition and technique
that only Sarap chefs Dorothy Hernandez and Jake Williams can deliver.
Maligayang pagdating, Frame-ily!


(( To Start ))
Fresh Fish Cured in Coconut Vinegar with Shrimp Cracker
(( The Main Event ))
Lumpia Shanghai 
Chicken Adobo
Whole Fried Trout
Lechon Kawali 
Preserved Tomatoes
Wood-Fired Seasonal Vegetables
Sasawan Dipping Sauces
Banana Ketchup, Garlic Vinegar, Calamansi
(( Dessert ))
Ube Pandesal Bread Pudding
Coconut Jam and Champorado Ice Cream