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Vegan Portuguese Dinner Party
Portuguese Vegan Dinner Party with Chef Suzy Silvestre

Chef Suzy Silvestre Chef Chive Kitchen


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Mark our words: You’re going to love Chef Suzy Silvestre, whose family is from the Portuguese Terceira Island in the Azores, bringing a rocking plant-based dinner to Frame with an authentic drink pairing we can definitely get behind.
Plan your weekend wisely, as Frame’s Sean Crenny and Jazmin Weaver have a lively selection of minimal intervention wines and the ultimate Portuguese cocktail list, so we can all get in the spirit and drink like locals.

Sundays are simply one of Frame’s most treasured food days of the week. It’s a day traditionally dedicated to rest and connection — which for us means a nutrient-dense, culturally rich feast that brings us together.
Suzy brings her fan-favorite vegan lens to an authentic Portuguese menu served thoughtfully and with the utmost care.
We will see you around the Frame table.

Portuguese Vegan Dinner Party Menu

{{ 01 }}
Papo Secos, Queijo Fresco, Azeitonas,
Pimenta, Manteiga de Salsinha, Conserva de Cenouras e Grão de Bico
Dry Bread, Fresh Cheese, Olives,
Pimento Sauce, Parsley Butter, Pickled Carrots, and Chickpeas

{{ 02 }}
Caldo Verde
Couve, Batata, Gosto de Linguica
Soup of Collards, Potato, Linguica Essence

{{ 03 }}
Batata, Grão de Bico, Salsinha, Vinagre, Cebola,
Panko, Crème de Alho Confitado
Potato, Chickpea, Parsley, Red Wine Vinegar, Onion,
Panko, Confit Garlic Aioli

{{ 04 }}
Cogumelos en Alguidar,
Cebola, Alho, Mantega, Vinho, 
Pao de Casa, Batata Doce, Couve
Slow-Cooked Mushrooms in a Clay Pot,
Onions, Garlic, Butter, Red Wine,
House Bread, Sweet Potato, Collards

{{ 05 }}
Torta de Almendoa e Coco, Açúcar Queimado
Molho de Maracujá
Tart of Almonds, Coconut, Burnt Sugar,
Passion Fruit Sauce
By Pastry Chef Sarah Riehl