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Indian Pub with Paradise Stree Eats

Chefs and Owners Alina Alam and Ali Wazne Chefs and Owners Paradise Street Eats


Paradise Street Eats brings an Indian Pub (Eater's 2023's Award - Best New Food Truck) Frame > , , > Paradise Street Eats brings an Indian Pub (Eater’s 2023’s Award – Best New Food Truck)

Each year the Eater editors seek out the best and the brightest new industry talent with a goal to identify newcomers and forward-thinkers deeply devoted to their craft. Each year, we at Frame continue our mission to share our revolving spaces connecting a global community of adventurous chefs with you, our guests. We see it as bonafide culinary kismet.

So where do we all come in? Prepare to meet : Detroit’s 2023 Eater Awards recipient for Best New Food Truck, Paradise Street Eats, fusing Arab and Indian cultures into a wildly fun Frame experience crated genius-ly for the next era of dining. To boot, It’s completely Halal.

Super talents behind Paradise Street Eats, Alina Alam are Ali Wazne are steering the Frame kitchen with an “all in” menu of elevated Indian street food. Think: Butter Chicken Chaat, Lamb Kurma, Dum Biryani Rice, Spicy Chicken Lollipops and Orange Kulfi. Plus a not-to miss vegetarian take from the likes of Eggplant Papri Chaat, Pakora and Malai Kofta.

Add in a carefully-curated soundtrack, boozy and non-boozy riffs on mango lassi’s ( traditional yogurt smoothies with mango pulp and cardamom ) and kashmiri chai’s ( authentic slow-brewed “pink tea” made with kashmiri green tea leaves) and we’ve got an exclusive preview of what promises to be a new Frame favorite.


(  01  )
“Indian Dhamaka
Spicy Chicken Lollipops
Frenched Marinated Chicken Drumettes
coated in a South Indian Chili Sauce
  with Cilantro-Mint & Tamarind Chutneys
+ Vegetarian +
Vegetable Fritters
Special Chickpea and Rice Flour Batter (Gluten-Free)

(  02  )
“Let’s Chaat”
Butter Chicken Chaat
Crispy Coated Butter Chicken,
Channa (Garbanzo), Chaat Masalas Yogurt,
with Cilantro-Mint & Tamarind Chutneys
+ Vegetarian +
Eggplant Papri Chaat
Smashed Baingan (Eggplant) Masala,
Crunchy Papdi Crisps,
Channa, Pomegranate Seeds

(  03  )
“East Meets West”
Paradise Shrimp Tacos

Jumbo Battered Shrimp
Indochinese Slaw, Fresh Whole Wheat Chapati
Cilantro-Mint & Tamarind Chutneys
+ Vegetarian +
Gobi Cauliflower Taco
Crispy Cauliflower Florets
Fresh Whole Wheat Chapati
Cilantro-Mint & Tamarind Chutneys

(  04  )
“The Mughal Empire”
Lamb Kurma
Tender Braised Lamb
Rich Cashew-Coconut Curry
Hyderabadi Dum Biryani (Spicy) Rice
+ Vegetarian +
Malai Koft
Vegetable Dumplings
Made with Paneer and Cashew Nuts,
Creamy Tomato Gravy, Basmati

(  05  )
Orange Kulfi
“Ice Cream”
Dessert Made in a Whole Orange Peel and Served Wedged