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Norma G's Modern Caribbean
Lester Gouvia

Chef & Owner Lester Gouvia Chef & Owner Norma G’s


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Continuing to create a Frame culture that cultivates community, good vibes, and an ever-changing line-up of super talent, we’re beyond delighted that Trinidad-born Chef Lester Gouvia is taking over our open kitchen. We’ve been crushing on him for years now.

With bowls of Dahl Soup, Buljol (a coveted salad dish of the cuisine of Trinidad), plates of jerk chicken, and a not-to-miss taste of ‘Coo coo from the Caribbean Islands’. This low-key-themed Caribbean dinner party is as visually arresting as delicious.

Come hungry. And ready for a party thanks to stellar hand-selected wine pairings by Diego Aliste and quintessential cocktails by Adam Accivatti.

As many of you Norma G’s followers know, Lester’s cooking is a celebration of his amazing life story.
Playful, gregarious, and instantly likable, this Frame menu is a joyous extension of his infectious personality.

Norma G’s Modern Caribbean Menu

(( 1 ))
Dahl Soup

(( 2 ))
Jerk Chicken
Mixed Greens, Sorrel Vinaigrette

(( 3 ))
Buljol Codfish Crostini

(( 4 ))
Stewed Chicken on CooCoo
Polenta, Okra

(( 5 ))
Vanilla Custard
Mango Chutney