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13-course latin tasting experience with Chef Norman Fenton
Chef Norman Fenton

Chef Norman Fenton Chef WILD Tulum and Chicago's Cariño


13-Course Latin Tasting Experience with Chef Norman Fenton of WILD, Tulum and Chicago's Cariño Frame & FRAMEbar > > 13-Course Latin Tasting Experience with Chef Norman Fenton of WILD, Tulum and Chicago’s Cariño

Cariño, a new Latin project from Detroit-based Chef Norman Fenton, is promising to be one of Chicago’s most anticipated fall restaurant openings. Lucky for us, we’re hyped to be getting an exclusive sneak peek.

With an immaculate résumé working alongside a succession of modern greats; think über-trendy Grant Achatz’s ‘The Aviary’ and fine dining ‘Schwa’, where Norman rose the ranks to Chef de Cuisine, earning a Michelin star. Pushing boundaries, Norman also opened smash hit, WILD Tulum in 2019, where he still reigns as executive chef.

Squeezing in a trip “home” to preview Cariño before it opens, plan on an impossibly delicious Latin-inspired tasting menu playing with textures and temperatures, sprinkled with influences from Norman’s travels from around the world.

Imaginatively brought to life with an interplay of fun as only the Frame team can…expect a spot-on Latin wine pairing by Frame’s Diego Aliste and a cocktail takeover by Frame’s Adam Accivatti.

Bring It On. 


Avacado, Cucumber, Hibiscus

Huitlacoche, Sweet Corn, Truffle

Al Pastor Pork, Pineapple, Scallion

Duck Confit, Gooseberry, Sweet Potato

Tacos Dorados
Chicken Liver, Adobo, Petite Lettuce

Maine Uni, Satsuma Orange, Unagi

Diver Scallop, Aji Amarillo, Recado Negro

Grilled Prawn
Salsa Nayarit, Mirepoix, Longaniza

Plantains, Mole Chiapaneco, Parsnip

Beet Mole, Prickly Pear, Black Garlic

Churro and Coffee
Foie Gras, Mole Oaxaca, Pasilla Chile

Triple Cream Cheese, Plum, Pink Guava

Hoja Santa, Brown Butter, Dulce De Leche

++ Chef is kindly requesting no dietary changes to this dinner menu++