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Chef Michael Ran at frame for one night only. Refined versions of quintessential Israeli dishes on a Sunday night to gather with friends and family. Need we say more?

Growing up in a town (Michael lived in Metro Detroit for much of his childhood and teenage years) where “middle eastern” food ruled the culinary scene… it was while working under Israeli Chef Mike Solomonov at Philadelphia’s Zahav that opened Michael’s eyes to what other foods existed inside of the Middle East, primarily within the melting pot that is Israel.

Here, a menu inspired by the cultures that made their way to Israel thousands of years ago … With a little influence of where Michael comes from: the power of his mom’s kitchen.

And the mastery of where he’s been: cutting his teeth at Bacco Ristorante under Luciano Del Signore and Anthony Lombardo whilst still in his twenties, Chef Michael Ran later made the trek to New York, finding his new culinary home at Eataly in the heart of Manhattan before Philadelphia’s Zahav, meeting all manner of amazing people from the country’s unique food community along the way.

Doing a little testing in the frame kitchen, Michael brings his return to Detroit, and our taste buds can hardly wait.
MENU  (  1  ) Israeli Pickles + Salatim and Dips Spicy Fennel Beets and Tehina Moroccan Carrots Twice-Cooked Eggplant Hummus
(  2  ) Mezze Fried Cauliflower with Herbed Labne Duo of Chicken Pastilla Shawarma West vs Shawarma East Brussel Sprouts and Baba (  3  ) Al Ha’Esh Smoked and Braised Lamb Mujadara Rice Pilaf (  4  ) Dessert Mom’s Famous
++ Chef is kindly requesting no dietary changes to this dinner menu ++ the frame dining room (sold for 1-8 guests)
Looking to book more than 8 for an Authentic Israeli dinner party inside, email us here and let’s host together!