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Takoi Frame 5th Birthday

Chef Brad Greenhill Chef Takoi


Frame's 5th Birthday Party with Takoi's OGs: Chef Brad Greenhill, Cameron Rolka, Mike Conrad & Tony Redman Frame & FRAMEbar > , , > Frame’s 5th Birthday Party with Takoi’s OGs: Chef Brad Greenhill, Cameron Rolka, Mike Conrad & Tony Redman

Five years with chefs traveling in from 45+ cities, bringing us 225+ residencies…Frame is turning 5! (FIVE!)

And to mark the occasion as only we can, we’re bringing the original boys back to town for a reunion to celebrate how this all started. 

In February of 2017, just days after being named semifinalists for the James Beard Awards’ Best New Restaurant, chef Brad Greenhill and the crew of Takoi found themselves without a restaurant. A devastating fire had gutted their Corktown building.

A month later, they moved into Frame, built a pantry, and blessed the space with their wildly delicious cooking, setting the stage for the dozens and dozens of Frame chefs in-residence to follow. 

Brad Greenhill. Cameron Rolka. Mike Conrad. Tony Redman. 

Though most of the crew have moved onto their own respective projects in the intervening years, we are humbled to bring the original chefs back to mark the occasion.

Join us for a 5th-birthday bash weekend with the charm of Frame’s laid-back, unpretentious vibes and Takoi’s gloriously fresh, Thai-inspired flavor combinations. The OG Takoi band is back together at Frame, serving up a one-of-a-kind menu of fare that speaks to where they are now in their culinary trajectories. Prepare for a truly unique culinary experience.

And the best bit of all? You’re all invited to the celebration! Think: birthday favors, party hats, cake, & bubbles.
At the five-year mark, Frame is growing up — and we couldn’t have done this without ALL of you.

Let’s party!

KATOI / Takoi at Frame

We have a limited number of the original poster for Katoi / Takoi available for purchase when you select your tickets.  Extremely limited edition of 343 screen printed and signed by artist Glenn Barr.  Very few remain and will be delivered to you at your dinner experience!