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Like Art For Chocolate with Dwaar Chocolate

Dwaar Chocolate


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What better way to round out June than awakening our inner chocolatiers with two hours together combining three things we love at Frame: mastering the rules of chocolate, edible ingredients, and a creative space to sip while we work!

Prepare to meet our newest culinary crush, Dwaar Chocolate, and learn the art of cocoa; how to temper and mold handmade chocolate bars made with cocoa beans sourced from Fiji, Ecuador, Madagascar, India, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Bring your most mildly sweet and deepest dark questions to these pros who eat, sleep, and drink cocoa beans and butter for a living. Once your edible artworks are set, you’ll paint them with edible couture colors and professionally wrap each bar, making these beauties the perfect summer hostess gift or experience for the DIY-candy makers in your life. We see this one as the best excuse to open our eyes (and tastebuds) to all that chocolate is.

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