Chef Randy Minish


Randy Minish

Meet Chef Randy Minish, the culinary talent and co-owner of Terrain restaurant in Bellaire, Michigan.

As a Northern Michigan native, Randy’s roots run deep in the region’s food culture. He started his restaurant journey at Lulu’s Bistro, the original restaurant in the building where Terrain now resides, before working his way up to sous chef at Moka and gaining valuable experience at ingredient-driven high-volume restaurants in Detroit and San Francisco.

In the spring of 2019, Randy opened Terrain with his two sisters, Shana and Jenna, who serve as co-owners and CFO and General Manager, respectively. The three siblings share a passion for food and a deep connection to Bellaire, which is reflected in the warm, welcoming atmosphere of Terrain, where the dining experience feels like home.

“To have someone occupy this space that really understands Bellaire, no matter what we are doing they anticipate our heart is in the right spot because this is our town, too,” Jenna told the 9and10News.

For Randy, cooking is about more than just creating delicious food; it’s about crafting an experience unique to the region and the moment.

“You have a meal here, ideally, it feels like this restaurant could only exist in this place at this time,” he told the 9and10News.

Make a pitstop at Terrain the next time you’re driving through Northern Michigan to experience the Minishes’ honest and ambitious culinary approach towards the region’s bounty.