Modern Vegan Indi-Soul with Chefs Shanel Dewalt and Le'Genevieve

Experience Relish & Shanel Dewalt


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There’s nothing we love more at Frame than bringing good humans together. Countless chefs have made lasting connections from a passing meeting in the Frame kitchen, and we can’t wait to share our next up culinary love affair with you.

Prepare to meet Chefs Le’Genevieve “Vie” Squires & Brittiany Peeler of Experience Relish. Together with Chef Shanel Dewalt they’re bringing a modern plant-based dinner party inspired by their four months exploring India, where a third of the population follows a plant-based diet.

Bringing the sensory magic of the Indian subcontinent to our communal tables, we’re talking crispy curried samosas stuffed with purple yam, a hearty okra stew over jeera rice, and the trademark Indi-Soul Green Goddess salad bursting with cilantro and coconut. With the not-to-miss centerpiece spread of charred cauliflower, dal, crispy okra, barbecued black-eyed peas, and braised greens served with house-made roti — puffy, pull-apart perfection.

We’re getting the MOVEMENT pre-party started with Detroit techno and bold Indian spices, with — you guessed it — an all vegan bar menu takeover.

Nourish both your body and soul with us before the long holiday weekend.
Your balanced state of being can thank us later.

Vegan Indi-Soul Menu

{ 1 }
Curried Samosa
Purple Yam, Green Chutney, Pickled Ginger

{ 2 }
Okra Stew
Charred Okra, Crushed Tomatoes, House Spice, Jeera Rice

{ 3 }
Indi-Soul Green Goddess Salad
Greens, Shallots, Cilantro, Coconut, Sesame Oil

{ 4 }
Southern Thali
Charred Cauliflower, Dal, Crispy Okra, BBQ Black-Eyed Peas, Braised Greens, Roti

{ 5 }
Ginger Chai Shortcake
Candied Ginger, Compressed Peaches, Chai Cream