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Chinese New Year

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The Year of The Tiger —  It’s Just Ahead — and we’re going vegan ringing in the Chinese New Year with a full-blown traditional lunar experience.

Getting rid of last year’s energy and welcoming in the new, LA’s Vegan Chef Josie Clemens brings us multi-courses with symbolic significance, age-old dishes that have stood the test of time, reimagined in completely plant-based recipes.

We’re already drooling at thoughts of : Josie’s Exceptionally Long Longevity Noodles: (长寿面 chángshòu miàn) representing a long, long life. Leave your manners at home: it’s customary to slurp down these noodles without chewing so the strands aren’t severed. and yes please …. Handmade Spring Rolls: (春卷 chūnjǔn) to attract good fortune for the coming year.

Frame transformed with origami lanterns and red peonies. Each yurt an independent, personal glowing Lunar experience for six guests. And what’s Chinese New Year without the iconic stashed lucky red envelopes (known as 紅包, hóngbāo) which symbolize good wishes and luck for the new year ahead. ( hint: there may be one at your frame table just for you)

Any way you look at this frame experience…we’re in for a Taste of Good Fortune. And one thing we know for certain: The Year of the Tiger is going to be Delicious.

Lunar Night Menu

 01 Spring Rolls

02 Turnip Cakes

 03 Longevity Noodles

04 Zongzi

05 Tangyuan in Ginger Syrup

++   Chef is requesting no dietary changes to this menu  ++