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A leading name in Traverse City’s culinary scene (The Good Bowl, Manang), Flint-born Vietnamese-American Tony Vu blew our minds last summer with one of all the all-time great Frame menus. Which is why when he reached back out to bring his Flint Social Club chefs to Frame, we literally dropped the phone.

Planting the seeds for a radical new food system based in equity, Tony devotes his days to mentoring Flint chefs, lowering the barriers for rising talent to access successful entrepreneurial food incubation. Empowering Flint to have an even more vibrant, creative, cultural community, Tony is bringing his most recent FSC mentees alongside lead chef Nate Shaw, with a menu that represents Flint’s highest potential.

A nod to the city’s thriving multiculturalism and the food that Tony loves to eat.
Think: smoked mussel toast with pickled daikon and basil aioli, height-of-summer heirloom tomatoes with burrata and peaches, surf-n-turf summer kabobs, and pork roulade with fermented corn.

Join us for this special night to support and revel in smart, inventive, and glorious cooking from a guy who has earned genuine cult status.


Flint Social Club Dinner Menu

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Smoked Mussel Toast

Cheddar Dijonaise / Pickled Daikon / Basil Aioli / Trout Roe

{ 01 }
Heirloom Tomatoes
Burrata / Peaches / Cantaloupe / Basil / Olive Oil

{ 02 }
Summer Kabobs
Marinated Shrimp / Watermelon / Red onion  
Marinated Ribeye / Summer Squash

{ 03 }
Zucchini Bisque
Zucchini Chow Chow / Potato Crisp / Smoked Olive Oil

{ 04 }
Pork Roulade
Carrot Puree / Fermented Corn / Mushroom / Apple and Fennel

{ 05 }
Handmade Dessert from Flint’s Little Suga’s Bakery