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A Japanese や Vietnamese Mash-Up by Chefs Tony Vu & Tim Archuleta


A Japanese や Vietnamese Mash-Up by Chefs Tony Vu & Tim Archuleta Frame & FRAMEbar > A Japanese や Vietnamese Mash-Up by Chefs Tony Vu & Tim Archuleta

frame presents Flint Social Club Preview A Japanese や Vietnamese Mash-Up by Chefs Tony Vu and Tim Archuleta with wines by frame’s Sommelier Sean Crenny and cocktails by frame’s mixtress Jaz’min Weaver on the patio @ frame and inside @ frame 
Reimaginings of familiar flavors, done in contrasting culinary traditions, (better known as food ‘mash-ups’) are exactly the kind of chef experiences we long for at frame. You may be familiar with Vietnamese Chef Tony Vu (Good Bowl in Traverse City and coveted Noodle Stall MaMang in the Flint Farmers’ Market), a perennial shoo-in for one of the most important entrepreneurs of the past decade, planting the seeds for a radical new food system based in equity. Food Network, Detroit Food Lab, Vice, and Inc. Magazine have all taken notice of Tony’s fellowship for change in building community and countering the toxic culture of the food world. Now add in civically and culinarily engaged San Francisco bred Chef Tim Archuleta with more than a few calling card accolades of his own. His garlanded SF Sushi spots have been named on America’s Top Restaurants (Zagat National), San Francisco Chronicle Top 100 Restaurants, a Must Stop in Louis Vuitton Guidebooks, and in Vogue Magazine; André Leon Talley’s favorite restaurants. Tim, moving cross county and relocating to Flint with his family, it’s no shocker that these two masterminds have synced talents to breathe life into building the future they want to see in the city once only known as the birthplace of General Motors. And it’s working. A preview of what’s to come: The Flint Social Club, a brick and mortar food entrepreneurial incubator with comprehensive training and mentoring programs, lowering the barriers to access and create successful food businesses. Providing participants with food stalls, mentoring services, business development skills, and connection to funding to scale their food businesses. End goal: lifting Flint’s highest potential to have an even more vibrant, creative, cultural, and culinary representative business community. We at frame single-handedly adore this initiative. As at the end of the day, our ever-changing lineup of frame experiences is built from our exciting hand-picked crop of chefs. Without them, we’re just 4 walls. Tony Vu. Tim Archuleta. You inspire us to do what we do every day. Bring your most burning questions and demanding appetite. There’s a lot to be learned from these culinary masterpieces, bringing us this wildly sexy Japanese や Vietnamese mash-up.

Menu  01. Oysters 2 Ways Spicy Ponzu with Caviar Hoi An Fish Sauce Vinaigrette 02. Golden Tiger’s Milk Ceviche Hamachi, Lime, Turmeric, Galangal, Ginger, Coconut Milk, Rau Ram, Fried Shallots 03. Local Heirloom Tomato Salad Crab Tomalley Aioli, Lump Crab, Herb Oil 04. Beef 2 ways featuring Vaca Vieja from Old World Farms Beef Tartare, Quail Egg, White Soy Vinaigrette Bo La Lot, Ground Beef, Lemongrass, Piper Lolot Leaves, Scallion Oil, Peanuts 05. Sake Iradashi Fried Salmon, Iradashi Broth, Somen 06. Handmade Cupcake from Flint’s Little Suga’s Bakery  ++ chef is kindly requesting no dietary changes to this dinner menu++
Friday & Saturday August 13th & 14th Parties of 2 to 8 5:30pm and 8:30pm Seatings $70.00 per person + fees + tax Option #1 Socially distanced outside patio seating @ frame Parties of 2 to 6 Option #2 Socially distanced inside seatings @ frame Parties of 2 to 8

Included: A multi-course Japanese and Vietnamese mash-up dinner by Tony Vu and  Tim Archuleta.

Additional: Gorgeous bespoke cocktails by frame’s mixtress Jaz’min Weaver Wine by frame’s Sommelier and Wine Director Sean Crenny

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