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Swanky Southern Soiree with Lockhart's BBQ Pitmaster Davis Herr-
Pitmaster Davis Herr-WILLIAMS

Chef & Pitmaster Davis Herr-Williams Chef & Pitmaster Lockhart's BBQ


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Shattering fried chicken stuffed with foie gras and black truffles. Green tomato bisque swimming with butter-poached crab and crispy fried okra. Smoked brisket-fried rice cooked in savory beef tallow. And hushpuppies with pimento cheese, fermented garlic aioli, and more of those sweet summer truffles…

This is the swanky Southern soiree we didn’t know we were missing.

But one bite of Chef Davis Herr-Williams’ keyed-up comfort had us swooning — and we just had to share this brilliant menu with you, too.

So come late August, we’re dialing up the Southern charm to welcome the new head chef and pitmaster at Lockhart’s BBQ for an upscale, cheffed-up take on some down-home classics.

Born in the Sunshine State and seasoned in South Carolina and Georgia before moving back to Michigan in 2016, Chef Davis honed his high-low cooking style at Sylvan Table and Ann Arbor institutions like Zingerman’s, The Black Pearl, and Blue Tractor BBQ before taking over the pit at Lockhart’s in early 2023 with the goal of making it the best barbecue restaurant in the state.

And if this menu is any indication, we think he just might do it.

Find out what the future tastes like.
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{ 1 }
Hush Puppy
Pimento Cheese Puree, Fermented Garlic Aioli, Summer Truffle

{ 2 }
Green Tomato & Crab Bisque
w/Fried Okra & Butter-Poached Crab

{ 3 }
Brisket Fried Rice
Smoked Brisket, Carolina Gold Rice, Sorghum Teriyaki Sauce, Shallots, Garlic, Carrots, Microcilantro

{ 4 }
Fried Chicken
Foie Gras and Black Truffle-Stuffed Chicken Breast, Pomme Puree, Truffle Gravy

{ 5 }
Cornbread & Ice Cream
Sweet Cornbread, Smoked Buttermilk Ice Cream, Spicy Honey, Mint