James Rigato /  John Vermiglio - Sunday at Nonna's


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frame presents Sunday at Nonna’s with Chef James Rigato of Mabel Gray and Chef John Vermiglio of Grey Ghost

Timewarp to 1986 Nonna, she’s yelling for everyone to sit down and eat.

 Chef Rebecca LaMalfa and Chef Anthony Lombardo bring the cheese to frame.

Join us for Nonna 2, electric boogaloo (80’s limited VHS edition).

Anthony was a fitness model for the Eastside Italian Gazette (a monthly free newspaper, small circulation, mostly funeral homes and produce markets) and managed to score the actual stunt double gig for Sylvester Stallone in Rocky III. He takes off his shirt whenever he fills his Cadillac with gas to reveal his Frank Sinatra tattoo on his lower back.  If you need to reach him, either find him through his cousin that has all the hook ups on electronics and stereo equipment or visit him in his mom’s garage, because why would he waste money on rent? The garage has enough space for him and his mom never bothers him, does his laundry and feeds him???? Or as a last resort, email him at his AOL account.

Rebecca gave up being a cast member of “The Jersey Shore” to pursue her modeling career as the Face of the “come back campaign for “Aquanet Hairspray”.  While waiting for auditions, she is the assistant manager of the “LA Tan” she lives above, while waiting for daddy to buy it for her.  Because he buys shit for the brothers all the time, why not her? She has a hard time with steady boyfriends because no one will ever live up to Christopher Moltisanti, as she is the living inspiration for Adrianna La Cerva. Her addiction to big hair, big lips, big make up, and big jewelry is in full swing as her life goal is to become Peg Bundy.  She doesn’t need tattoos because “why would you put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari ?”

 Only two limited seatings available.

Sunday, September 17th 4.00pm and 7.00pm

 Grandmas from all over have overfed, left lipstick on our cheeks, and fed us some more. Now it’s time to celebrate them with a dinner series that shows them that we were actually paying attention. Chefs that fell in love with their grandma’s food join to feed us. Enjoy!

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$60 / person plus tax and service charge/gratuity

Included – Italian meal served family style over 2 hours – – Wine –

Available for purchase Peroni and Negroni

Vegetarian friendly fare will be a part of the menu, but no special dietary accommodations can be made. Sorry!