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Gabriel Botezan

Chef Gabriel Botezan Chef Detroit


Sun to Soil: Summer Dinner Party with Chefs Gabriel + Gabriela Botezan Frame & FRAMEbar > > Sun to Soil: Summer Dinner Party with Chefs Gabriel + Gabriela Botezan

With the official first day of summer right at our fingertips, we’re completely ready to root ourselves in the connection between sun and soil … both deceptively simple and staggeringly complex.

Meet our next up inventive plant-based dinner party by vegetable magicians and fave Frame chef couple, Chefs Gabriel and Gabriela Botezan, pushing vegetables further to make them taste better than anything you’ve ever had before.

Welcome Summer Superfoods…
rainbow beets, chickpea crepes, hen of the woods mushrooms, baby squash, confit lemon, summer stone fruit.
It’s safe to say our collective love affair with summer vegetables has just begun.

Major bonus: lots of plant-based boozing by none other than Frame’s Mixtress Jaz’min Weaver.
Grab your pashmina and let’s gather under the stars in our very own alfresco oasis @ Frame
One thing we know:
plant-based friends don’t let plant-based friends drink alone.
That’s a fact.


{{ 01 }}
Michigan “Panzanella” Bean Salad
Red Wine, Tarragon

{{ 02 }}
Chickpea crepe, Frisee Lettuce, Shaved Rainbow Beets

{{ 03 }}
Baby Squash
Confit Lemon and Fennel Oil, Herbs

{{ 04 }}
Hen of The Woods Piccata
Hen of the Woods Mushrooms, Capers, Lemon,
Herb Sauce, Grilled Broccolini

{{ 05 }}
Summer Stone Fruit Tart