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Josie Clemens

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A patchwork of culture and community, Michigan-born-and-raised chef Josie Clemens threads together a vegan menu where global experiences are rooted in comfort and health.

Josie’s next round at Frame brings us vegan-ized versions of Filipino lettuce wraps, Indo-Japanese onigiri, and Mexican tostadas that reflect their respective cultures.
Congolese influences, Mediterranean ingredients, and Japanese cooking come together with Josie’s creativity, championing a conscious way of cooking, reframing our understanding of what it means to eat without animal products.

Plus: sustainable wines by sommelier Sean Crenny,
and a wholly innovative paired cocktail menu by Jaz’min Weaver,
balancing a playful use of botanicals and vegetables, lessening pollution and
focusing on low waste by using every part of Josie’s excess produce.

A “waste not, want not” ethos is the core of this collaborative dinner between kitchen and bar.

Grab your plant-based besties and join us for this one.
We highly encourage it…


{{ 01 }}
Filipino Lettuce Wraps
Rice Noodles, Tamarind Puree, Walnuts, Cucumber

{{ 02 }}
Mediterranean-Mexican Tostada
Potatoes, Za’taar, Beetroot, Pineapple, Sumac, Limon y Sal

{{ 03 }}
Indo-Japanese Onigiri
Corn Stock, Sushi Rice, Yellow Curry, Coconut Cream, Tumeric, Ginger, Edible Flowers

{{ 04 }}
Chi of The Congolese
Roasted Plantains, Roasted Okra, Metambele, Cashew Cream with Sprouted Cashews

{{ 05 }}
Deconstructed Apple Pie
Apple Compote, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream