Chefs Gabe Golub, Dylan Thompson and Travis Schuster, Chefs RAMENWOOD by RICEWOOD


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Comforting bracing broths, bouncy hand made noodles and spicy, zesty toppings. We’ve been a lot of test kitchens these last six-and-a half years for a whole lot of fabulous creative chefs. But one of our very favorite incubators are those dedicated exclusively to RAMEN in all its slurp-worthy forms.

Come January, BBQ Lovers Rejoice : this warm January Noodle Shop comes to us from Ann Arbor’s cult-favorite, chamorro-style Ricewood, previewing their new concept, Ramenwood. Setting up Frame up as a casual noodle shop by Pitmaster Gabe Golub, Chefs Dylan Thompson and Travis Schuster, tickets are sold in pairs on the hour.

Each pair of tickets (or purchase multiple pairs for a larger party) offers up : drool-worthy mini ricebowls , hearty bowls of ramen made with a rarely seen milky white beef paitan ramen stock ( or choose a lush pork and chicken ramen stock ) topped with smoked tallow aromatic oil, brûlée eggs, pickled mustard greens, hand made noodles, and your choice of smoked brisket or smoked pork belly.

Sake, Whiskey, Japanese Sweet Potato Mochi with Miso Carmel. We Could Do This Every Day.


“Mini Ricebowl” 

White Sushi Rice
Finadene (Soy, Vinegar, Scallion, Tomato, Habanero),
Pickled Cucumber Salad
Pork Steak

(( choose yours at checkout ))

Beef Paitan Ramen
Beef Paitan Ramen Stock (Milky White)
Shio Tare,Smoked Tallow Aromatic Oil
Smoked brisket, Pickled Mustard Greens
Charred Bean Sprouts .Brûlée Egg
Shredded scallion, Hand Made Noodles

++ OR ++

Shoyu Ramen
Bbq Tare, Schmaltz Aromatic Oil
Pork and Chicken Ramen Stock 
Menma, Pickled Diakon
Smoked and Seared Pork Belly
Pickled Mustard Greens, Charred Bean Sprouts
Brûlée Egg, Shredded Scallion 
Nori, Hand made Noodles

Sweet Finish
Japanese Sweet Potato Mochi
Miso Carmel

++ chef is requesting no substitutions to this menu ++