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Calling all pizza lovers! For one special weekend, we’re transforming the covered Frame Pavilion into a come-as-you-are wood-fired pizzeria, where the naturally fermented sourdough pies are entirely plant-based and the curated vegan wines are just as immaculate as the vibes.

Straight from our stone-hearth oven, we bring you COAL: A Plant-Based Pizzeria + Wine Pop Up by Cleveland’s Chef Mike Dudiak and Frame Sommelier Sean Crenny.

Rest assured, this isn’t your ordinary pizza party! Dedicated Framers may remember Chef Mike from his time helping bring plant-based noodle slingers Ramen Hood to Hazel Park in 2021. But he’s also spent the last decade perfecting his dough-making skills. His naturally leavened San Francisco sourdough pizza is nothing short of extraordinary, cold fermenting for 72 hours with wild yeasts to give it a unique flavor and texture that’s hard to find elsewhere. And what’s more, it’s all plant-based! Vegans and vegetarians will especially swoon, but Chef’s hearty, Sicilian-inspired pies will satisfy even the most dedicated carnivores.

Don’t just take our word for it… Chef Mike Dudiak has worked in the restaurant business for over 20 years and has perfected his craft in casual and fine-casual establishments alike. When he’s not helping out with Ramen Hood, he can be found working at Cleveland Vegan, an all-organic scratch cafe that’s well-known in Ohio for their delicious vegan food.

With COAL, Chef Mike is putting a unique twist on the rectangular pan pizza, kissing the holy trinity of organic whole wheat flour, olive oil, and salt with the sultry smoke of live fire. Take note: You won’t find pizza like this anywhere else.

Choose from a Grandma-style pie topped with tomato sauce, torn basil, caramelized onions, and cashew mozzarella; or another with golden small potatoes, rosemary, and sea salt; get funky with Chef Mike’s mushroom pie, featuring a French-style creamy cashew cheese, truffle vinaigrette, and greens with seared mushrooms; or one with Sicilian olives, capers, garlic, tomato, and dried chiles. There’s no wrong order here!

And did we mention the drinks? Frame food and beverage director Sean Crenny has hand-selected a perfect pairing of Italian vegan wines that balance the flavors and ethos of Chef Mike’s plant-based pizzas, plus vegan-friendly cocktails and spiritless liquid wonders served a la carte from Frame Mixtress Jaz’min Weaver.

So join us for an unforgettable weekend of plant-based pizza and distinctive drinks. Grab a friend and come hungry — this experience is sold in pairs. Each ticket includes two family-style salads, an 11 x 14-inch pizza of your choice (pre-selected at checkout), dessert, and the option to add a second pie to satisfy larger appetites. Limited seatings hourly.

If you love it as much as we do, keep an eye out for COAL — Chef Mike’s dream of opening his own pizzeria may just become a reality someday.

And Hazel Park is the first to get a taste.

Plant-Based Pizzeria Menu

{ to start }
“Family-Style” Salads for Two

Melon & Beet Salad
Herbs, Beets, Melon-Citrus Vin 
Panzanella Salad
Asparagus, Bread Salad, Tomato, Greens, Vinaigrette 

{ main event }
Pre-selected Pizza

Grandma Pizza
Tomato Sauce, Torn Basil, Caramelized Onions, Cashew Mozzarella 

Potato Pizza
Golden Small Potatoes, Rosemary, Olive Oil, Sea Salt 

Mushroom Pizza
Seared Mushroom Blend, French-style Creamy Cashew, Truffle Vin, Greens 

Tomato Olive Caper Pizza
Oregano, Sicilian Green Olives, Dried Chilis, Capers, Garlic, Tomato 

{ sweet ending }
Vanilla Panna Cotta with Berries