Chef Michael Barrera Chef Frame Culinary Director / Resident Chef


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Frame’s Chef Michael Barrera needs no introduction.
Join us for the next chapter of his remarkable food story with a transcontinental dinner party celebrating where the Americas meet.
Just in time to mark our mid-September calendars and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Chef Michael’s immaculate five-course tasting menu is the synthesis of his many travels, boundless culinary ideas, and progressive cooking techniques.

We’re talking electric flavors: Ceviche de Corvina, classic Ajiaco, Arepa con Queso with Black Truffle Aioli, aromatic Ropa Vieja, and an immaculate Tres Leches cake for the perfect finish.
Add in quintessential Columbian cocktails and … well, need we even say more?
Join us for Chef Michael Barrera’s Frame-style celebration of Latin America at the intersection of culture, music, cocktails, and food…
Small plates, huge flavors, and a whole lot of fun. 


{{ 01 }}
Ceviche de Corvina
Lemon, Onion, Celery, Cilantro, Chile, Shrimp,
Soda Crackers

{{ 02 }}
Chicken, Potato, Corn, Guascas, Crema

{{ 03 }}
Arepa con Queso
King Trumpet Mushroom, Black Truffle Aioli,
Mozzarella, Parsley

{{ 04 }}
Ropa Vieja
Braised Beef, Tomato, Arroz con Guandules, Olive

{{ 05 }}
Torta con Tres Leches
Three Milks Cake, Sweet Plantain, Obleas, Dulce de Leche