Painting Pop Culture + Sipping Cocktails with Painter Liz Frankland Frame & FRAMEbar > Painting Pop Culture + Sipping Cocktails with Painter Liz Frankland

It’s sipping and painting, but not as you know it. Our next up “frame(makers)” workshop is specially curated for those who have always wanted to know more about art “territories” but never had the time — or simply the know-how of where to start.

With cocktail in hand, meet frame(maker) and frame-favorite artist Liz Frankland as she focuses on classic pop culture from the 1940s-70s here in our frame(makers) space. Liz will start us off with a mix of lecture (the interesting kind)…before we each face our own canvas and palette of paints. Guided through and infused with the knowledge of brushwork, color, and composition in Liz’s iconic loose but realistic pop culture style…we will each work start-to-finish on a piece our own to take home, flowing and creating, with Liz always on hand for assistance.

Thoughtful, playful, and a noble use of your newfound frame(makery) skills, we’re mildly smitten (to say the least) at the idea of gifting a handmade piece of art, frame-style, in the season ahead.

Book yourself in: your secret is safe with us! Thank us later, but Hanukkah is really early this year, starting November 28th. Yes, seriously.