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Following an unforgettable FRAMEbar x SUSHIbar summer residency, we’re thrilled that Japanese-born artist Chef Shinya Hirakawa is back bringing an imaginative Omakase Table to our seated Frame space for his second round with us. Omakase, meaning “I’ll leave it up to the chef,” is the Japanese tradition of trusting the chef to provide a tailor-made experience that showcases the best available ingredients at the time of consumption.

Using tradition as his guide, and personalization as the core of his philosophy, Shinya will guide you through an expertly crafted progression of sushi, built around a relationship of trust and spontaneity over two hours. With little distraction and limited seating, this very special evening allows for an intimate dining experience, making the food and drinks the hero of the show, which is the quintessential idea of omakase.

And in our Frame house, the “leave it to the chef” form of dining also translates to our dazzling beverage team.
Tasting menus for imbibing — don’t mind if we do.