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Natural Wine Bar with Forrest a Food Studio

Forrest and Nicole Moline Forrest: A Food Studio


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We’re going deliciously au naturale with a culinary couple on the rise.
Prepare for an evening with Chef Forrest and Nicole Moline of Traverse City gem, Forrest, A Food Studio, as they tell stories in our open kitchen of the producers and purveyors behind each carefully planned sip and bite. 

Here, a natural-heavy wine list comes paired with rustic-chic plates served at a dinner party that could be your best friend’s house — but there’s no need to bring wine and the food is way better (sorry, friend!).
Especially when we’ve got someone as dialed in as Chef Forrest reaching into his deep playbook of both modern and traditional French and Italian cooking styles, having honed his skills under the likes of Chef Michael Symon and Brian Polcyn before opening the intimate northern Michigan “food studio” with wife and business partner Nicole in 2019.

Together, they’re bringing an early taste of spring to the Frame tables, serving up grilled celeriac with blood orange and cultured butter, lamb pastrami with fregula and pistou, and a not-to-be-missed French toast carrot cake you’ll be thinking about for much longer than the one very special night they’re with us.

Frame’s Sean Crenny will be on the floor pouring some suitably excellent natural wines — made with zero additives and minimal manipulation — to match the wildly expressive plates, both championing small-scale farmers who are true custodians of the land.

We can’t wait for this imaginative tasting menu from a powerhouse culinary couple at the very height of their talents. 

Secure your seats and thank us later. You really don’t want to miss this one.


Seared Salmon
Roasted Shallot, Shoyu, Fried Rice

Grilled Celeriac
Blood Orange, Frisee, Cultured Butter

Chicken Cicioli Sausage
French Onion, White Beans, Liver Toast

Lamb Pastrami
Rapini, Fregula, Pistou

Carrot Cake
French Toast, Burnt Cinnamon, Bourbon