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Scott Martinelli

Chef Scott Martinelli Chef Sylvan Table


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Hey. Would you like to go have Greek food?

I know a place — Parthenon backdrop optional — and it’s not Dancing Zorba’s…

Gather your parents; in-laws; siblings; first, second, and third cousins; friends named after saints; and at least a couple your mother doesn’t approve of for an epic, 7-course Greek feast that will fill your belly and warm your soul like an evening at Yiayia’s (without her impossible expectations and constant judgment)!

Frame is going full estiatorio for two nights this April as Sylvan Table Executive Sous Chef Scott Martinelli and Frame Sommelier join forces for My Big Fat Greek Wine Dinner, an evening of free-flowing Greek wines and delicacies fit for the gods — or at least the Portokaloses.

Chef Scott brings a bright slice of the Aegean to our moody candle-lit dining room celebrating the bold, zesty flavors of Greek cuisine. Start with taramasalata — a rich, savory smoked roe dip — and savor the sweet and tangy flavors of feta with sesame, fig, tarragon, and honey. There’s morel-stuffed dolmades; and octopus with skordalia, brown butter, and gremolata; followed by Greek sausage souvlaki with ramps and crispy potatoes. The star of the show is the spring lamb (a.k.a. “the king of meat”), rubbed in Greek coffee and served with moussaka and spring onion. End your evening on a sweet note with loukamades — bite-sized Greek donuts drizzled with honey and topped with rosewater gelato and semolina halva. No boring Bundt cakes here!

Chef Scott has dedicated his life to the art of culinary creation, turning heads in the culinary world with his creative and delicious dishes. His love for food began at a young age, and he honed his craft in culinary school at Michigan State University and Schoolcraft College. After school, he worked in some of Michigan’s best restaurants and hotels, eventually working his way up to chef de cuisine at Republic Tavern before landing at Sylvan Table. He even turned his closet into a “salami cave” during the pandemic, basically ensuring lifelong “honorary Greek” status.

In the wise words of Gus Portokalos, “There are two kinds of people: Greeks, and everyone else who wish they was Greek.”

For proof, you just need tickets to My Big Fat Greek Wine dinner at Frame.
You’re Greek Now; Don’t Be Shy!

My Big Fat Greek Wine Dinner

Course 1
Smoked Roe, Pickled Cucumber, Lovage, Sourdough,

Course 2
Sesame, Fig, Tarragon, Honey

Course 3
Asparagus, Watercress, Avgolemono, Morel, Pea Shoots

Course 4

Skordalia, Brown Butter, Roasted Grape, Gremolata

Course 5
Loukanika Souvlaki
Sausage, Crispy Potato, Yogurt, Horseradish, Ramps, Kalamata

Course 6
Spring Lamb
Moussaka, Preserved Lemon, Spring Onion, Ellinikos Kafes (Greek Coffee)

Course 7
Honey, Rosewater Gelato, Semolina Halva