Modern Ethiopian with Konjo-Me

Chef Helina Melaku Chef Chef-owner, Konjo Me


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Ethiopian-born Helina Melaku at Frame for one night only. Refined versions of quintessential dishes from Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, with re-imaginings of her family recipes through a plant-based lens as well as feel-good favorites for the carnivores in the room. Need we say more?

Think: Ater Kik (split pea stew minced in turmeric), Sega Wot (beef cooked in caramelized onion and infused with berbere), and Misir (red lentil stew), all served with spongy injera, a sourdough-risen flatbread made from teff flour that is the heart of the Ethiopian table. Soak up the juices sans fork and knife and experience Ethiopian culture in all its bright deliciousness.
Modern beautiful plating. Old school flavor. New school style.
Grab your seats. Thank us later.

A Taste of Addis Ababa Menu

(( 1 ))
Kitfo Injera roll
Ground meat infused in spices and herbs
Veggie injera bites
Mixed vegetables infused with spices, lentils, and herbs

(( 2 ))
Timatim firfir (v)
Bits of injera soaked in spiced berbere sauce and caramelized onion

(( 3 ))
Sega Wot
Cubed beef cooked in caramelized onion infused with berbere, herbs, and garlic
Ater Kik (v)
Split pea stew minced in turmeric

(( 4 ))
Chicken Tibs
Cubed chicken mixed with sautéed red pepper, herb, berbere, garlic, and cilantro
Misir (v)
Red lentil stew

(( 5 ))
Detroit pistachio vegan ice cream