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Modern Summer Cambodian with Chef Sopheana Duch
Chef Sopheana Duch

Chef-Owner Sopheana Duch Chef-Owner Tropic Tacos


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With her refreshing contemporary take on Cambodian cooking, super talent Sopheana Duch of Tropic Tacos is taking over Frame’s open kitchen, masterfully weaving her family’s Cambodian roots and Southeast Asian influences into a wildly fresh summer dinner party packed with unshakable respect for the cultures that birthed these flavors.

Sopheana’s food is as visually arresting as it is delicious: savory “esquites” soup with a creamy coconut base, charred chives, and a punch of green chili oil; banana blossom salad packed with green mango, carrot, and fragrant herbs in an authentic Thai fish sauce; fried snapper “tostada” with tamarind, grapefruit, shallot, ginger, and lemongrass; Northern Thai sausage-stuffed wax pepper dressed in mole verde; and pandan & coconut panna cotta with burnt palm-sugar caramel.

Add in Adam Accivatti’s innovative rum cocktails, and yes, this is the tropics, done Frame-style.
Bonus: a vegan option for our Frame family, where each dish is re-imagined through a plant-based lens.


{ 1 }
Esquites Soup

Coconut Cream, Charred Chives, Green Chili Oil

{ 2 }
Banana Blossom Salad

Green Mango, Carrot, Mint, Thai Basil, Vietnamese Coriander, Fish Sauce Dressing

{ 3 }
Fried Snapper “Tostada”

Tamarind Dressing, Toasted Rice, Grapefruit, Shallot, Ginger, Lemongrass, Herbs, Sesame Rice Cracker

{ 4 }
Chiang Mai Relleno

Sai Oua-Stuffed Wax Pepper, Mole Verde, Purslane, Herbs

{ 5 }
Pandan & Coconut Panna Cotta

Burnt Palm-Sugar Caramel, Ginger-Sesame Crumble

**Vegan option available at checkout; chef kindly requests no additional modifications to this menu.**