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Masterchef Chef Mash-up with Amanda Saab and Gabriel Lewis

Chefs Amanda Saab and Gabriel Lewis Chefs MasterChef


MasterChef Mash-Up with Dearborn's Amanda Saab & Oklahoma City's Gabriel Lewis Frame & FRAMEbar > > MasterChef Mash-Up with Dearborn’s Amanda Saab & Oklahoma City’s Gabriel Lewis

Reimaginings of familiar flavors, done in contrasting culinary traditions, (better known as food ‘Mash-Ups’) are exactly the kind of chef experiences we long for at Frame. 

Prepare to commingle with a contrasting duo,
Dearborn’s very own Amanda Saab and Oklahoma City’s Gabriel Lewis.

Both currently competing on Season 12 of Fox’s ‘MasterChef: Back to Win,’ they’re bringing two culturally rooted gastronomic points of view into one ‘Mash Up’ menu.

Inspired by her Lebanese heritage, Amanda has been named in the Top 100 Women in Food by Cherry Bombe magazine.

And…Gabriel, a young suburban OKC MasterChef contestant who was granted fully paid tuition to culinary school by Gordon Ramsay upon his Master Chef elimination in Season 8.
Then, a 19-year-old kid.
Now, Best Chef 2019 in Oklahoma City.
How fun is this one going to be…..

Continuing to create a Frame culture that cultivates community, good vibes, and an ever-changing line-up of emerging talent, this early August dinner party is for each other, for friends, for family, and for food.

MasterChef’s Chef MashUp Menu

{ 01 }
Tuna Tartar
Saffron Cornbread, Lime 

{ 02 }
Chilled Cantaloupe Cucumber Soup
Pickled Chilies, Crostini 

{ 03 }
Salmon Roe, Avocado Cream, Basil Oil 

{ 04 }
NY Strip
Michigan Corn Purée, Herbs 

{ 05 }
Hot Fudge Tahini Ice Cream Sundae 
Michigan Cherry on Top