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Little Liberia
Little Liberia

Chef Ameneh Marhaba Chef Little Liberia


A Liberian Dinner Party Experience with Little Liberia, 2022 Hatch Detroit Winner Frame & FRAMEbar > A Liberian Dinner Party Experience with Little Liberia, 2022 Hatch Detroit Winner

When Hatch Detroit votes you food entrepreneur of the year, you know you are doing something right.
Prepare to fall in love with Ameneh Marhaba, who describes herself as “a biracial immigrant with a very big dream.”

Swimmingly earning accolades for her Liberian cuisine, Ameneh just beat out 350 small businesses to be crowned the 2022 Comerica Hatch Detroit contest winner. Ameneh takes home the $100,000 grand prize … and her dream of opening Detroit’s first Liberian restaurant.

As a preview of what’s to come from this new-to-Detroit cultural experience — celebrating this big win for Liberia and its culture — we bring the Little Liberian vibe to Frame. There’ll be street food beef skewers made with Ameneh’s legendary spice blend; plenty of sweet plantains; and Liberia’s celebratory dish, its famed check rice, which is seasoned and cooked with fresh greens at the end.

This menu is a love letter to generational family recipes that we’re all about to swoon over.

Remember her name: Ameneh Marhaba…
A symbol for women and immigrant leadership.
Soulful music, smokey cocktails, and carefully curated dishes await for this modern celebration of
a small but mighty country on the West African coast.

Prepare to meet Little Liberia.

Liberian Dinner Party Menu

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Potato Leek Soup

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Liberian Kale-Walnut Salad

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Samosa Sticks 
Liberian-style spicy samosas. This pastry is filled with ground beef, baby butter potatoes, and exotic spices cooked to perfection. Then wrapped in a pastry dough and fried until golden brown.
Served with a roasted peppers and onions sauce. 

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Check Rice & Gravy
(Liberia’s Celebratory Dish)
Seasoned Rice
Spicy Chicken Sauce  

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Ameneh’s Mother’s Coffee Cake