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frame presents Brad Greenhill and Katoi 2.0 (Takoi)

George Azar has taken a long & winding road from Southwest Detroit to…Southwest Detroit.  A native of the neighborhood, he grew up surrounded by authentic culture and authentic food, which helped spark his interest in cooking.  His path was set.  He attended the culinary arts program at Schoolcraft College and then did time at several notable local kitchens, including Forest Grill and the Detroit Athletic Club.  He later ventured from Detroit to gain experience and skills in some of the country’s most respected restaurants. including Alinea and Thomas Keller’s Bouchon.  Then, Detroit did what Detroit does.  It lured him back.  The city’s restaurant scene was gaining momentum, and George returned home to find his role.  While planning his next step, he found himself at Vernor Coney Island, in the heart of Southwest Detroit, just blocks from his childhood home.  The diner was a breakfast & lunch spot that closed it’s doors by 2pm.  George realized the opportunity for evening service, and, longish story short, Flowers of Vietnam was born.  A Vietnamese-inspired menu, with a few modern twists.  A neighborhood anchor, with a focus on hiring locals.  A plan to spawn like-minded business and transform the strip into a destination.  Flowers grew faster than anticipated via word of mouth and mentions in the press, prompting the need for building upgrades and improvements.  The spot is currently closed for renovations, scheduled to reopen by fall.  In anticipation of George’s return, we’ve invited him out to Hazel Park for a limited engagement, to help spread the good word about Flowers…and to satisfy your flavor needs.

$55 / person

Included: – 5 courses over 2 hours – – sparkling & mineral water – – gratuity – – sales tax – Available for purchase the night of: – limited, curated bar menu of wine, beer, and cocktails – – VEGETARIAN OPTION AVAILABLE –  

(𠬠) “Bo Tai Chanh” rare beef, seasonal fruit, rau mau, nouc cham, Red Boat salt

(𠄩) served friends & family style: Phở Đặc Biệt eye of round, shank, meatball, tripe, traditional accompaniments Cá Chiên Sốt Cà fried seasonal, tomato, banana blossom, forbidden rice, cilantro Cơm Tấm crispy rice, grilled pork chop, Chinese sausage, sugarcane shrimp, sunny side egg (𠀧) Terroirs of Vietnam Longevity ice cream, Trung Nguyen coffee, Marou 80% Tiên Gian “chantilli, Marou Lâm Dông meringue, Marou Ben Tré nougat, brown butter emulsion