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Kaiseki Table with TigerLily's Chris Vasquez & Highlands' Kyle Spina

Chefs Chris Vasquez & Kyle Spina Chefs TigerLily & Highlands


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At Frame, we’re all about pushing the boundaries of culinary tradition. Enter our next up brilliant remix as we fuse the Japanese art of kaiseki – a meticulous multi-course feast that celebrates the seasons – with Detroit’s vibrant heart and soul, weaving a singular gastronomic narrative where each bite tells a story.

Meet Chefs Chris Vasquez of Ferndale’s TigerLily and Kyle Spina of Highlands, two culinary up-and-comers who have spun their craft into gold at their own respective restaurants, now creating a joint impeccable menu just for us — and you, of course.

Chris, a Detroit native with a passion for sustainable seafood and Asian cuisine, and Kyle, a maestro of European and American dishes laced with a dash of Asian flair, are bringing their powerhouse skills to the Frame table.

The result? Eight wildly creative indulgent courses and a few palate cleansers in between. Prepare for grilled prawns luxuriously bathed in ikura beurre blanc, duck soba with charred Brussels and chili oil; yuzu-compressed melon with ripe tomatoes, peaches and goat cheese; and unctuous koji-aged A5 Wagyu zabuton with smoked potato foam and white summer truffle.

Each course a stunning testament to the extraordinary union of Detroit’s local bounty and traditional Japanese technique, forming a harmonious blend of the familiar and the extraordinary with perfect cocktails and sake for days.

Because life’s too short for ordinary meals.


{ 1 }

Shiso Sake Granita

{ 2 }
Dry-Aged Madai
Shiro Plum Consomme, Celery Root, Vanilla, Finger Lime

{ 3 }
Grilled Prawns  

Ikura Beurre Blanc, Blistered Shishito, Shiso Oil

{ 4 }
Duck Soba 
Charred Brussels Sprouts, Chili Oil, Duck Egg

{ 5 }
Tomatoes & Peaches  
Yuzu-Compressed Melon, Goat Cheese, Candied Pistachio

{ 6 }
Poached Pear, Lotus Root, Caviar-Cream Sauce

{ intermezzo }
Ume & Black Sesame Sorbet

{ 7 }
A5 Zabuton
Koji-Aged Wagyu, Smoked Potato Foam, White Summer Truffle, Apricot

{ intermezzo } 
Hibiscus Tea Shot, Lemongrass Coconut Boba

{ 8 }
Strawberry Cheesecake