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A Wood-Fired Northern Michigan Dinner with Chef John Yelinek's Park Ranger Frame & FRAMEbar > > A Wood-Fired Northern Michigan Dinner with Chef John Yelinek’s Park Ranger

You can’t have a conversation about wood-fired cooking in Detroit without mentioning Chef John Yelinek, who traces his roots to the wilds of northern Michigan, where, as a child, he followed his father into the dense hardwood forests to forage, fish, hunt, and commune with the Mitten’s natural beauty.

Having honed his fine-dining chops for years on the line at Roast before leaving his mark on Detroit’s Shelby and Ladder 4 Wine Bar, John now brings his Park Ranger concept to Frame’s open kitchen to deepen the story of northern Michigan campfires and chef’s love for French cooking — two things we are lucky to help celebrate in this one-night-only Frame experience.

We’re talking grilled escargot and wild rice; potato beignets with smoked lake trout; duck a l’Orange as you’ve never seen it before; and Basque-style burnt Comté cheesecake for an unforgettable finish.

Park Ranger promises big bistro flavors powered by that unmistakable wild energy of a wood fire.

Prepare for some of chef’s most honest and expressive cooking to date.

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Chef John Yelinek’s Park Ranger Menu

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Potato Beignet with Smoked Lake Trout

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Vol au Vent
Escargot, Capers, Wild Rice

{{ 03 }}
Green Peppercorn, Smoked Beef Heart

{{ 04 }}
Beets, Foie Gras, Sauce L’Orange

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Burnt Comté