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John Yelinek's Park Ranger Dinner
John Yelinek

Chef John Yelinek Chef Park Ranger


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Though he’s made his bones in some of Detroit’s finest kitchens, chef John Yelinek traces his roots to the wilds of northern Michigan, where, as a child, he followed his father into the dense hardwood forests to forage, fish, hunt, and commune with the Mitten’s natural beauty.

Like many chefs with singular visions, John fell into cooking by chance in 2015 to pay for the college degree he was pursuing at the time. Like many chefs who actually go on to pursue their culinary visions, he found his work climbing the kitchen brigade system more rewarding than the audio engineering track he was on — and decided to double down on the chef’s life.

Having honed his fine-dining chops for years on the line at Roast, John partnered with local chef Sean Marshall to launch Pariah, a high-concept pop-up dining series that utilized age-old preservation techniques. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Pariah went on hiatus and John took a job as head chef at Shelby, an ambitious downtown speakeasy with an even more ambitious prix fixe menu.

After leaving Shelby, John launched his own pop-up, Park Ranger, in the spring of 2022 with a wildly successful dinner takeover of BARDA, which sold out in less than 48 hours.

And now we are lucky to welcome John and his Park Ranger concept to Frame’s open kitchen to continue telling the story of northern Michigan campfires and chef’s love for French cooking.

With dishes like grilled snails and wild rice, burnt leeks with walnut and chicken skin, and Provencal-style lamb, Park Ranger promises big bistro flavors powered by that unmistakable wild energy of a wood fire. This is some of chef’s most honest and expressive cooking to date.

Don’t miss this highly anticipated special two-night engagement — it will be gone before you know it!


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Duck Liver Tart
Ramps and Espelette

{{ 02 }}
Grilled Snails
Wild Rice and Capers

{{ 03 }}
Burnt Leeks
Walnut, Chicken Skin 

{{ 04 }}
Agneau à la Ficelle
Tomato, Olive + Jus Gras

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Paris Brest
Popcorn, Lowbush Blueberry