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Italian Wine Dinner with Trattoria Stella
Chef Myles Anton and Sommelier Amanda Danielson

Chef and Sommelier Myles Anton and Amanda Danielson Chef and Sommelier Trattoria Stella


Italian Farm Wine Dinner w/Chef Myles Anton & Sommelier Amanda Danielson of Trattoria Stella Frame & FRAMEbar > , , > Italian Farm Wine Dinner w/Chef Myles Anton & Sommelier Amanda Danielson of Trattoria Stella

You can’t mention Traverse City’s remarkable food scene — or Michigan’s best restaurants, for that matter — without bringing up Trattoria Stella.

Just in case you need a primer: Chef Myles Anton and Sommelier Amanda Danielson debuted their ode to Italian culinary traditions and Northern Michigan’s farming communities in 2004, helping pioneer the region’s status as a food and wine destination with an unprecedented focus on service and hospitality.

For nearly 20 years, Chef Myles has stayed a passionate advocate of Michigan’s agricultural diversity, extracting every bit of flavor from an incredible array of fresh, locally grown ingredients sourced from 40+ local farms. Detroit native Amanda, an advanced sommelier and co-founder of City of Riesling™ with Mari Vineyard’s Sean O’Keefe and Dirt to Glass™ with Michigan State University, directs an ambitious and timeless beverage program.

Their partnership thrives on a mission of incomparable hospitality executed daily through a team of equally dedicated professionals with decades of ‘Stella experience’ among them. Myles and Amanda, along with Chef de Cuisine Elise Curtis-Dull and Deputy Beverage Director, Kristen Warba will join the team at Frame to stage a dinner featuring a menu of Stella favorites paired with a collaboratively curated collection of wines and spirits made by some of their oldest and closest friends in the industry. 

We couldn’t be more ecstatic to welcome these two gastronomic leaders and their top team from Stella as they take over the Frame tables for two wildly special nights in March, kicking off their 20th-anniversary year in our glowing open kitchen while showcasing food inspired by the Italian peninsula alongside the best wines of our own.

They’re also bringing a few cocktail homages honoring Stella’s roots and relationships with fellow industry pioneers (think: “perfect” gin martinis and French 75 riffs with barrel-aged Valentine Liberator gin and Left Foot Charley Cremant). 

Save yourself the drive, Detroit. We’re in for a very special treat.

Italian Farm Wine Dinner Menu

{{ FIRST }}
Burrata Pugliese
Housemade, Roasted Carrots, Butternut Squash, Capers, Maple,
Charred Tomato Vinaigrette, Ciabatta Crostini
{{ SECOND }}
Spanish Octopus
Char-Grilled, House Calabrese Sausage, Smoked Shallots, Rice Beans, Tomato
Mari Vineyards 2017 ‘Totus Porcus’ + BOS 2020 ‘Wishflower’
{{  THIRD }}
House Piemontese Ravioli, Rabbit Sausage Filling, Sage Butter,
Black Pepper, Parmigiano-Reggiano
Mari Vineyards 2021 Gamay Noir + BOS 2021 Blaufränkisch
{{  FOURTH }}
Atlantic Scallop
Caramelized, Golden Potatoes & Parsnips, Fried Garlic, Fennel & Lemon
Mari Vineyards 2018 ‘Simplicissimus’ + Left Foot Charley 2018 ‘Gitali’ Blanc de Blancs
{{  FIFTH }}
Lamb Three Ways
Arrosticini, rosemary, sea salt | Crudo, panelle, sundried tomato, peperoncini, basil | Polpetta, celery root, baby spinach, five-hour sauce
Mari Vineyards 2016 ‘Proserpina’ + Mari Vineyards 2017 ‘Praefectus’
{{  SIXTH }}
Foie Gras Cream Puff, Toasted Almonds, Brown Butter Caramel
Left Foot Charley 2021 Kerner + BOS 2021 ‘All that is Gold’ Riesling