Goan Saraswat thali with Chef Preeti Sidhu
Preeti Sidhu at frame

Chef Preeti Sidhu. Chef


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Continuing to use food as a means of storytelling and connecting …
Prepare to experience: Goan Saraswat Thali by Chef Preeti Sidhu.
A conceptual dinner party hailing from Goa ( the southwestern coast of India within the Konkan region ) Saraswat Cuisine is a rarely-seen family-style feast prepared in Goan spices with wildly delicious balance of Sour, Sweet and Spicy. 

Here, prepared 7 ways … Think: ‘Crab Masala’,’ Fish Curry’, ‘Prawn Salad’, ‘Digestives with Tempered Kokum’ and a ‘Layered Coconut Pudding’ ~ all done Preeti-style.
Meaning you’ll experience her innate
knack for finding ways to optimize each ingredient’s “inherent delicious properties.”  
For one special Sunday, Chef Preeti’s heritage is passed from one generation to the next.
Impossibly delicious-sounding dishes made using homegrown and handcrafted ingredients.

Rituals and a Shared Dinner in our Open Kitchen.
That’s The Magical Process That Sits at The Heart of Every Frame Event.
Rounding out February, we can’t think of Anything we’d rather be doing.

Goan Saraswat Thali

(( 01 ))
Chicken Xacuti Chicken Curry
Fish Curry Triphal, Kokum
Crab Sukha Masala
Tisreyo Sukhe Clams Masala
Rava Fried Fish Kismoor
Prawn Salad
Cabbage Foogath Mustard Seeds, Curry Leaves
Steamed Rice
Poee (Goan Bread)

(( 02 ))
Sol Kadhi
Tempered Kokum and Coconut Milk

(( 03 ))
Layered Coconut Pudding
Vanilla Ice Cream

+ Each Dish Contains either Fresh Coconut or Coconut Milk +
+ Chef Is Requesting No Dietary Modifications +