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Glamping Rebecca LaMalfa

Chef Rebecca LaMalfa Chef Detroit


Glamping. A Luxury Camping Dinner by Chef Rebecca LaMalfa Frame & FRAMEbar > > Glamping. A Luxury Camping Dinner by Chef Rebecca LaMalfa

Don your most treasured flannels and prepare to be transported as we get ready for Glamping — an ode to your favorite mess-hall meal dialed up 110 notches on the luxury scale, laden with the smoky wood-fire smells of the open fire.
Designed by Northern California-born and -raised chef Rebecca LaMalfa, this menu encapsulates the fun, experimental, and charcoaled flavors of luxury camping. Think: griddled hoe cakes with local corn succotash and deviled egg puree; heirloom veggies with spicy greens and walnut dukkah; campfire salmon with brown butter and capers; and an elevated update on the classic s’more featuring chocolate ganache, smoked marshmallow fluff, graham-butter crunch and sweet crust.

Get a little tipsy from curated campy cocktails served in speckled enamelware tin mugs as we take you back in time to relive your favorite al fresco dining and bonding experience.
This is Glamping with Chef Rebecca LaMalfa, done Frame-style.


(   Wake Up Bell   )
Cast Iron Cheesie Garlic Pull-Apart Bread

(  1st Activity – Breakfast  )
Griddled Hoe Cakes
Local Corn Succotash, Padrone Peppers, Shelling Beans,
Heirloom Tomatoes, Deviled Egg Puree, Sherry Vinaigrette

(  Mess Hall  )
Heirloom Veggie Salad in a Weck Jar
Local Vegetables, Spicy Greens, Basil Vinaigrette, Walnut Dukkah

(  Wash Up and Dinner )
Camp-Fire Salmon
Brown Butter, Capers, Smoked Almonds,
Green Beans, Peruvian Purple Potatoes

(  Bedtime  )
Smores Turn Over
Chocolate Ganache, Smoked Marshmallow Fluff, Graham-Butter Crunch,
Sweet Crust, Mixed Berry Preserves

( Lights out )
Time to Go Home