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Fried Chicken and Caviar (& Bubbles) with Chi Walker and Nik R. Cole Frame & FRAMEbar > , > Fried Chicken and Caviar (& Bubbles) with Chi Walker and Nik R. Cole

Few things go together as well as caviar and bubbles…and one thing you should know: at frame we simply have a ubiquitous passion for really good fried chicken… which is why we can’t wait to welcome Chi Walker and Nik R. Cole, dedicated to this classic pairing.

Leading the frame kitchen, whipping up house-made potato chips with roasted leek and labneh dip doused with caviar, their signature bologna charcuterie plate, and the main event: southern-style fried chicken. With YES! A vegan option at check out …

Plan on copious amounts of bubbly by frame’s Sean Crenny and vintage Polaroid cameras to snap your moments … SO +++ whatever you need to do, please clear your calendar: as this frame experience needs to be added to your November Bucket List.


01 Chips & Dip House Made Potato Chips Roasted Leek and Labneh Dip Caviar

02 Bologna Charcuterie Plate Toasted Brioche Toma Cheese Grilled Tomato Mad Dog 20/20 Mustard

03 Potato and Mushroom Soup Cranberry and Mad Dog 2020 drizzle

04 The Main Event Fried Chicken Fried Duck Breast Tenders Marinated Collard Greens and Cornbread Dressing ++ Vegan Option ++

05 Sweet Potato & Buttermilk Custard

++ Chefs are kindly requesting no dietary changes to this dinner menu++ Choose Standard (Fried Chicken & Duck) or Vegan at checkout

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