Endless Summer DINNER Party with Little Bird
Dave vanderLaan & Abby Therrien

Co-Chefs Dave vanderLaan & Abby Therrien Co-Chefs Littlebird Grand Rapids


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To create our ever-changing lineup of curated food and drink programming, there’s nothing better than a road trip to meet our guest chefs where they’re at. So prepare to meet our most recent crush…

On a recent wildly delicious scouting trip to the western part of the state, we sat down with Grand Rapids scene-stealer Littlebird and their chefs, Dave vanderLaan & Abby Therrien, and found our kind of people — the kind who start a dinner party with ice cream!

You ain’t seen nothing like this uniquely fun evening of seasonal and preserved dishes from a tiny restaurant in Grand Rapids putting out some of the most impressive plates in the state. (Yeah, we said it.)

Think: white asparagus ice cream with snow crab and Meyer lemon; charred, pickled, and smashed cucumbers with olive oil curd and pink peppercorn; squid-ink spaghettini with fermented tomato bagna cauda and enoki mushroom; smoked pork loin with ramp brine and heirloom beans; and Moody Blue bread pudding with black truffle crème Anglaise, beef tallow jam, and pickled green strawberries.

Add to that a breezy wine and cocktail list coming from behind Frame’s marble bar, and we are letting the endless summer vibes flow right through.
Snag your July seats now and thank us later.


{ 1 }
White Asparagus Ice Cream
Snow Crab, Meyer Lemon, Dill

{ 2 }
Farm Cucumbers
Charred, Pickled & Smashed, Olive Oil Curd, Blueberry, Pink Peppercorn

{ 3 }
Chilled Squid-Ink Spaghettini
Fermented Tomato Bagna Cauda, Enoki Mushroom, Trout Roe, Wasabi

{ 4 }
Smoked Pork Loin
Cherry-Green Garlic BBQ Sauce, Ramp Brine, Heirloom Beans, Mint

{ 5 }
Moody Blue Bread Pudding
Black Truffle Crème Anglaise, Beef Tallow Jam, Pickled Green Strawberries, Fermented Strawberry Jam

**Chefs kindly request no modifications for this dinner **