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Dim Sum Brunch with MyThy and Matt


Dim Sum Brunch with MyThy and Matt Frame & FRAMEbar > Dim Sum Brunch with MyThy and Matt

frame (family meal) presents Dim Sum (and the essential brunch)  with MyThy Huynh and Matt Tulpa
Mythy Huynh and Matt Tulpa believe brunch is a meal that we can eat any time of day. Serving up spicy, fresh, comforting, savory, maybe a few sweet things – variety is essential because we are always trying to satisfy all those tastes by ordering or making a little bit of everything. Dim sum is the traditional Chinese brunch consisting of dozens of small dishes served family-style in steam baskets or small plates that nurtures a meal of sharing. We selected five popular dishes as an option to add to the essential brunch experience. MyThy and Matt’s menu is evidence of their current obsessions, SUMMER, and the leftovers they’ll be eating after you all go home.
MENU first  Traditional French omelet basted with bonito-mirin butter, all the greens, herbs, and wildflowers from Stone Coop Farm second Tomato salad with kale and daylily kimchi, burrata, basil, whole wheat cracker third Taiwanese popcorn chicken with fish sauce maple syrup, egg puff waffle & blistered shishitos forth Cheung fun rice rolls with spicy hoisin & sesame sauce fifth Frozen pineapple “cake”
+++ BONUS ADD ON +++ Dim Sum served with Chrysanthemum Tea Tray serves Two Guests ($15 / tray) Turnip Cake (2pcs) Pork & shrimp shumai (2pcs) Vietnamese egg rolls with fish sauce (2pcs) Gai lan (Chinese broccoli) with oyster sauce (for 2ppl) Pandan Portuguese egg tart (2pcs)
Sunday, July 22nd Seatings on the 1/2 hour starting at 11:00am $25 per person – sold only in pairs plus tax and service fee Included: Brunch with MyThy and Matt Additional: Dim Sum, Brunch Cocktails, Beer, Wine, Tea and Rice Wine Gratuity very much appreciated #framehazelpark #framefamilymeal #dimsumatframe
Remember, tickets only sold in pairs to encourage sharing with family and friends. Tickets on Sale Now.