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Bonbons & Vino - A Valentine's Day Dinner with Guilt Chocolates


Bonbons & Vino - A Valentine's Day Dinner with Guilt Chocolates Frame & FRAMEbar > Bonbons & Vino – A Valentine’s Day Dinner with Guilt Chocolates

frame presents  Bonbons & Vino with Guilt Chocolates and A Valentines Day Dinner by Chefs Joe Nader and Scott Breazeale
In case you didn’t catch it, we’re linking together two of societies best inventions: Bonbons & Vino (and dinner!) Think of this way. It’s your Valentine’s Day sugar fix, your evening wine and a full six course chef dinner mixed in (just to be practical).  For the most luscious love day of the year, we’re partnering with bespoke bonbon moniker Guilt Chocolates to de-mystify how exactly you pair caramel bon bons with cocoa butter seared scallops. We’ve tested each course. Discerned each bonbon.  It’s a science on how to activate the palate, counteract the effects of the alcohol and pair it with a protein to cleanse the palate. Trust us. This may simply be the night your dreams.


{ First Bonbon + First Course } Pine Bonbon + Comté Cheese | Pine Honey

{ Second Bonbon + Second Course } Cherry-Pistachio Duja Bonbon + Duck Confit | Cocoa Nibs { Third Bonbon + Third Course } BLiS Fish Sauce Caramel Bonbon + Cocoa Butter Seared Scallops { Fourth Bonbon + Fourth Course } Black Sesame Bonbon + Matcha Noodles | Daikon | Nori { Fifth Bonbon + Fifth Course } Mexican Chocolate Bonbon + Chicken Thigh | Mole Negro { Last Bonbon + Sixth Course } Rose-Raspberry Bonbon + Ashta Milk Pudding | Rose Water | Orange Blossom
Thursday, February 14th 5:30pm and 8:30pm seatings $75 person + tax and service fee Included: A six-course Valentines Day meal created by Chefs Joe Nader and Scott Breazeale with a Guilt Chocolate Bonbon paired with each course! Additional: Wine Pairings, Cocktails and Beers Plus + add a 12 piece Guilt Chocolate Bonbon box for you to take home and share with the other loves in your life
Tickets on sale now!