Blended Whiskey Bootcamp with Bardstown Bourbon's Jaz'min Weaver

National Brand Ambassador Jaz’min Weaver National Brand Ambassador Bardstown Bourbon


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Experience an immersive and educational look into the approach and process of creating a blended whiskey with the help of Bardstown Bourbon Company‘s National Brand Ambassador, Frame’s former head “mixtress,” and certified Executive Bourbon Steward, Jaz’min Weaver.

Enjoy a sensory overview of bourbon, rye, and international whiskey with flavor pairings designed to highlight each spirit’s unique essence. This whiskey blending bootcamp is an elevated experience designed to take people through an educational journey to dive into their senses and leave with a feeling of confidence and deeper understanding of whiskey flavor profiles.

Prepare for a blind tasting of six different styles of whiskey, a guide on how to smell and taste, and an interactive walk-through of how blending works to create new flavor profiles. 

Workshops run from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
So if you’re looking to make a full evening of it, we recommend dinner and drinks at FRAMEbar, our more casual side, before or after class.