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Bad Idea Sneak Preview - Colby Rasavong
Colby Rasavong

Chef Colby Rasavong Chef Bad Idea Nashville


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Bon Appétit Magazine calls Chef Colby Rasavong’s new concept, Bad Idea, one of the 8 Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings of the year. Tugging at our Frame heartstrings with its’ Thai references, we are jonesing at the chance to experience Laotian cuisine (similar to Vietnamese in terms of flavor and ingredients) through one hella delicious creative interpretation.

Prepare to meet (and fall in love) with Chef Colby Rasavong, one of the South’s dazzling up-and-coming culinary voices. An Alabama native with Laotian heritage, Colby marries his Southern upbringing with Southeast Asian roots, creating a compelling and vibrant cuisine that’s as unique as his own story. A classically trained chef, Colby grew up in his parents’ Thai restaurant but made his bonafide culinary mark while working closely with celebrated Chef Sean Brock, honing his skills in the revered kitchens of Brock’s Husk and McGrady’s before running the show himself at Audrey.

Traveling into town (just for us!!!) before opening Bad Idea in East Nashville, Colby makes Frame his home kitchen to share his classic Lao techniques with modern, beautiful plating, old-school flavor, and new school style.
Packed with creativity…come next month this is exactly where you’ll want to be.

Foolproof Fall Party? We got this! We’re obsessed with throwing a bespoke private party with Nashville’s Chef Colby that’s totally unique. He’s only in town for a few days! Shoot us a note here and we’ve got a plan.
What to eat. What to drink. And all the stylish serving pieces to match your style.

(Sneak Preview)

{ start }
Pain Perdu
Kaya, Schrenkii Caviar
Pate en Croute
Red Eye Aioli, Crispy Rice, Soured Pork, Thai Basil

{ keep the party going }
Warm Brassicas
Green Curry, Puffed Rice

{ next }
Scallop Stuffed Crepe
Nam Prik, Chervil

{ then }
Grilled Romaine, Pickled Currants, Tarragon

{ finally }
Buttermilk Panna Cotta
Coconut, Basil Seed