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an Aussie Feast with Chef Rohani Foulkes of Folk
Rohani Foulkes

Owner & Co-Founder Rohani Foulkes Owner & Co-Founder Folk Detroit


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Gather your mates! We’re gearing up to go Down Under with Cairns, Australia, native Rohani Foulkes, a 2019 James Beard Foundation Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership fellow, best known as the co-founder and proprietor of Frame’s fave Corktown spot, Folk cafe and market.

Here, the Aussie outback tastes like the stunning Australian coastlines of Rohani’s youth. Think: house-baked oven bread with rich Tasmanian honey and brewers’ yeast butter; fried calamari with fragrant saltbush and taro chips; deconstructed meat pies with sea asparagus; tender roots with victorian goats milk; and lemon myrtle cake with wild hibiscus, Australian EVOO and strawberry leaf cream.

Of course,Our Frame’s Sommelier has selected a perfect all-Australian wine pairing highlighting producers who favor sustainable practices and minimal intervention while staying true to the classic styles of each region.
Paired Aussie beers, cocktails, and plenty of non-alcoholic options will be flowing, too.

You’ll feel the love, and taste it too.
This summer we are going on a road-trip across the world.

This is Frame, Aussie-style!

{ 1 }
Ploughman’s Plate
Oven Bread
Tasmanian Honey & Brewers’ Yeast Butter
Macadamia Dukkah Hummus
Fresh & Pickled Vegetables

{ 2 }
Land & Sea
Fried Calamari, Saltbush, Taro Chip, Chili Crisp Mayo

{ 3 }
Spring Salad
Pea, Tender Roots, Victorian Goats Milk

{ 4 }
Deconstructed Meat Pie
Chicken, Sea Asparagus, Basil, Lime Leaf

{ 5 }
Tea Plate
Australian EVOO & Lemon Myrtle Cake, Wild Hibiscus, Strawberry Leaf Cream