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An Albanian Sunday Feast with La Strada's Zharko Palushaj

Chef-Owner Zharko Palushaj Chef-Owner La Strada Italian Kitchen & Bar


An Albanian Sunday Feast with La Strada's Zharko Palushaj Frame & FRAMEbar > , , , , , , > An Albanian Sunday Feast with La Strada’s Zharko Palushaj

Give us a reason to celebrate food and cultural history, and we’re the first ones to the party.
Next up: an Albanian Sunday feast.
If you haven’t already met, prepare to fall in love with our friend, the bold and irreverent Chef Zharko Palushaj, famous for his signature Italian dishes at Birmingham’s La Strada.
Growing up in the scenic regions of Montenegro and immersed in Albania’s vibrant culture, Zharko masterfully weaves age-old Mediterranean techniques with Balkan innovation and his trademark charisma. We’re counting the days (literally) until the midsummer flavors he grew up with as a child, bounded by the stunningly beautiful Adriatic Sea, arrive at our Sunday tables.

Staying true to his roots – this passionate human is just one of those forces that beg us to pause and celebrate the ways food and drink instinctively bind the love for what we do every day at Frame. Showing us a Sunday dinner party with European techniques in his wild-card creative Albanian style — this is a love letter to the magic of Zharko’s family’s cookbook.
Add in a few chilled cocktails and perfectly paired wines coming from Frame’s team… and Gëzuar!

July, bring it on.


{ 1 }
Fergese Tirane

Albanian Bruscheta 
caramelized sweet onions, cherry tomatoes, three color peppers,
Gjize ( Albanian ricotta style tangy cheese ), crostini, EVOO
{ 2 }
Tave Peshku

Mediterranean Seabass
heirloom tomatoes, sweat onions, fresh garlic, white wine
{ 3 }
Groshe Bean Soup 
White bean soup, smoked meat 
{ 4 }
Veal Kastrioti
Veal scallopine filled with Kackaval cheese, smoked prosciutto rolled
Kacimak ( polenta- potato pure)
Kackaval Fondue 
{ 5 }

Rise and Milk Pudding , Walnuts Toping