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Chef Ederique Goudia

In The Business of Food


Bursting from the culinary kaleidoscope of Louisiana, the spirited and talented Ederique Goudia, fondly known as “Chef E”, has been dishing up flavors that sing to both the palate and soul while working to improve the restaurant industry in Detroit and food access for the Black community.

With Creole flair and Southern charm in her arsenal, she’s sprinkled a dash of bayou magic in Detroit, painting the town with zesty notes of her vibrant heritage since moving to the Motor City for love in 2002. The relationship that brought her to Michigan didn’t work out, but she ended up falling in love again, this time with the city and people of Detroit.

But even after two-plus decades in the Midwest, Chef E never left her Southern roots behind, frequently doing New Orleans-style dinner pop-ups and chef residencies around town.

“My earliest food memories involve being in the garden with my grandfather,” she said in an interview with Planted Detroit, for whom she created a signature salad. “I learned how to shuck corn and snap peas right in his yard.”

A graduate of Louisiana Tech University who spent the first part of her career working in the corporate world, Chef E’s passion for food is rivaled only by her penchant for creating spaces where underrepresented voices can shine. In 2017, she brought this vision to life by founding In the Business of Food, a food consulting business that actively nourishes women and POC-owned food ventures with training, tools, and unyielding support.

But Chef E didn’t stop there. In 2021, she spearheaded the groundbreaking Taste the Diaspora Detroit. A vibrant celebration of the African diaspora’s rich culinary tapestry, this initiative also provided a crucial lifeline for food insecure Detroiters during challenging times.

A chef with an insatiable hunger for impact, she’s also been at the forefront of Detroit’s Make Food Not Waste organization, previously serving as head chef of their Upcycling Kitchen. For all her community efforts, Chef E was named one of the Detroit Free Press’ 2021 “Food Fighters,” and has also received accolades from Eater Detroit and participated in the James Beard Foundation Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellowship.

Despite being a force of Creole nature in the kitchen, it’s her drive to foster positive change that sets Chef E apart. Whether she’s championing child nutrition, advocating against food waste, or bolstering mental health support for hospitality workers, Chef E’s legacy is all about serving the community with both heart and soul.

Reflecting on the special creations of her journey, she told Planted Detroit: “Anytime I get an opportunity to pay homage to my upbringing in Louisiana and my current home, Detroit, is a good day.”

So, when you delve into Chef E’s culinary world, expect more than just a meal. You’re savoring a story, a cause, and a mission — all sprinkled with the spice of Louisiana and the spirit of Detroit.

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