Chef Sarah Bobier

Artisan Traverse City

Chef Sarah Bobier

Chef Sarah Bobier is a rising star in Northern Michigan’s growing culinary world, blending her passion for community, simplicity, and precision into her extraordinary culinary creations that tell the story of time and place.

Born and raised in Traverse City, Sarah’s love for cooking was ignited at a young age when she was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. This life-changing event prompted her to explore the art of food and cooking, and with the loving guidance of her grandmother, she learned to create healthful, delicious dishes that nourished both body and soul.

Sarah’s commitment to her craft and unwavering determination led her to compete in the a cooking competition through her high school culinary program. Winning the SkillsUSA challenge awarded her a full-ride scholarship to the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Upon graduation, she worked in New York City to hone her skills in renowned establishments such as Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s ABC Kitchen. Sarah also worked for Hunt & Harvest, a high-end Upstate catering company led by Chez Panisse alum Brandon Scimeca.

After several years in New York, Sarah returned to her beloved hometown of Traverse City during the COVID-19 pandemic to share her culinary expertise and make a difference in her community. As Chef de Cuisine at Artisan, located in the new Delamar hotel, she has successfully elevated the local dining scene by crafting exquisite dishes that celebrate the region’s finest ingredients. Sarah’s culinary philosophy revolves around showcasing the beauty of simplicity, and her creations pay homage to the talented farmers and artisans who supply the restaurant with fresh, high-quality produce.

With an unwavering commitment to her craft and a keen eye for detail, Chef Sarah Bobier continues to create unforgettable dining experiences that transport guests on a culinary journey through the breadbasket of Northern Michigan. Her skillful blending of Michigan roots and New York soigné has garnered widespread attention and placed her at the forefront of the Traverse City culinary scene.

Follow Sarah on Instagram: @thefreshcoastchef.