Afro-Caribbean Cooking Workshop with Godwin Ihentuge of Yum Village 


Afro-Caribbean Cooking Workshop with Godwin Ihentuge of Yum Village  Frame & FRAMEbar > Afro-Caribbean Cooking Workshop with Godwin Ihentuge of Yum Village 

frame (academy) presents Afro-Caribbean Cooking Workshop with Chef Godwin Ihentuge of Yum Village

We’ve wandered the globe (at least through our frame chef residencies) and time and time again we keep coming back to our favorite chefs who bring us multi-generational dishes and cooking styles taught by their parents and grandparents growing up.

Recently, we’ve fallen head over heels for Nigerian and Caribbean fare, rich in exotic spices and heavenly aromas from Chef Godwin Ihentuge of Detroit’s Yum Village.

Taking a break from his lauded culinary busy life, Chef Godwin brings his skills to frame for two consecutive cooking workshops — Tuesday, January 14th and Tuesday, March 10th — where we will gather in and listen closely as we hands-on learn to make Garlic Greens, Suya Chicken and Akara, vegan black eyes pea fritters. Read on and learn more about Godwin on #Refrigeratordiaries, a content partnership with Foundation Hotel and Podcast Detroit. And you too … will quickly see why we’re so smitten.
March 10th 6:30pm $66 per person + tax and service fee Each workshop is limited to 20 guests Included: A two-hour Afro-Caribbean workshop held by Chef Godwin Ihentuge of Yum Village with recipes and Q & A time. Additional: ++ ala carte, beer, wine, frame cocktails.
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Tickets on sale now.