An Uzbekistan Plov Feast with “Sunshine Girl” Dildora Muzafari & Mark Kurlyandchik


An Uzbekistan Plov Feast with “Sunshine Girl” Dildora Muzafari & Mark Kurlyandchik Frame & FRAMEbar > An Uzbekistan Plov Feast with “Sunshine Girl” Dildora Muzafari & Mark Kurlyandchik

frame presents An Uzbekistan Plov Feast with “Sunshine Girl” Dildora Muzafari and Mark Kurlyandchik with wines paired by frame’s Sommelier Sean Crenny and cocktails by frame’s mixtress Jaz’min Weaver

There’s an old saying in Uzbekistan: “Plov is love,” and hospitality is the most important law in Uzbek life.

Clear your calendars frame family… as next up on the frame turntable comes a traditional Uzbekistan Plov Feast hosted by frame favorite food writer, Mark Kurlyandchik. Join us as we learn about the Central Asian country’s rich culture and taste our way through a feast built around its national dish: PLOV.

Mark writes: “That simple message — ‘plov is love’ — is delivered via a mound of cumin-perfumed rice, oil-slicked with carrots and hunks of lamb and always hiding a whole head or two of garlic. The dish found its way into homes, hearts, and stomachs across the former Soviet Union, where it became a staple on dinner tables, providing a kind of nourishment synonymous with a mother’s love even though the leanest years of Brezhnevian Stagnation.”

There’s another Uzbek saying: “A Poor Man Eats Plov. A Rich Man Eats Only Plov.” In 2016, UNESCO formally recognized Uzbekistan’s plov culture and tradition as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. And yet, those of us who grew up eating plov in post-Soviet households and know its contribution to humanity intimately would have to cook it ourselves. Or drive to Chicago to indulge in all its nostalgic glory. Simply put, plov’s essential message has been largely absent from the Detroit-area dining scene…until now, of course!

Prepare to meet Dildora Muzafari, a Detroit tour guide and author whose new memoir, Sunshine Girl: My Journey from the Soviet Orient to the Western World, details her incredible life story growing up in a conservative Uzbek household in Tashkent, breaking free of its cage-like traditions for forbidden love, and crossing the Iron Curtain to escape the shackles of communism.

Written in plain English of someone who speaks five languages, Sunshine Girl provides a clear-eyed view into a Soviet-era Uzbekistan teeming with spice markets and bountiful fruits, and a window into a culture still unknown to many outside of it (even those of us who grew up eating its national treasure).

Straight from the frame kitchen… Serving Plov and Lots of Love. Uzbekistan, frame-style.

Uzbekistan PLOV Menu 

{{  welcome }} Samosa Uzbek-style Samosa: Baked Pastry Dumpling filled with Pumpkin
{{   then  }} Naryn Hand-Rolled Noodles and Shredded Beef, served cold {{   the main event  }} PLOV Dildora’s Tashkent-style Plov* & Achichuk Plov (called “osh” in the Uzbek language) is the national dish of Uzbekistan. There are around 200 varieties of this meal and every city and even family has its own special plov recipe, though Tashkent and Samarkand are the most famous plov cities. We will serve the style typical of Tashkent using Dildora’s family recipe, with rice, lamb, carrots, barberries, and a blend of spices, accompanied by a typical Uzbek achichuk (tomato & onion) salad. {{ Uzbekistan Sweet Ending  }} Seasonal Fruits & Kora-Choy Dessert is uncommon in Uzbekistan. Instead, meals end with a bounty of Seasonal Fruits and Tea Service.
++ Chefs are kindly requesting no dietary changes to this dinner menu ++

Sunday, September 26th &  October 10th Parties of 1 to 6 4pm & 7pm $62 per person + fees + taxes Option #1 Socially distanced outside patio seating @ frame Option #2 Socially distanced inside seatings @ frame Parties of 1 to 6 Included: A Traditional Plov Feast by “Sunshine Girl” Dildora Muzafari & Mark Kurlyandchik Additional: A Perfectly Paired Wine Pairing by frame’s Sommelier and Wine Director Sean Crenny. Gorgeous bespoke cocktails by mixtress Jaz’min Weaver.
A Personally Signed copy of Sunshine Girl: My Journey from the Soviet Orient to the Western World by Dildora Damisch

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